I finally got those foul lizard scales to all come off. Hm. At last I found a pretty trinket while I was stuck in that smelly place.

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Good evening new arrivals

It's nice to be able to write again without some mad woman possibly attempting to off you if you write something offensive. That being said, hello to all those new victims of this misserable world. If you have not done so yet I suggest you you pick up a copy of vortexxtimes  to find all the important need to know things about what is happening in the world around you. I am Rita Skeeter editor and only writer for the paper. If you feel there is something worth reporting please tell me and i'll be happy to look into it.

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I have considered whether or not it was safe for anyone if I wrote a news article informing you of the danger that we are all in, but i consider it safe to simply write here, and make certain she does not read it. Bellatrix Lestrange is a wanted criminal in my home, and she is the main suspect in the murder of two of the members of the Host Club last Halloween. She is armed with her wand and will not think twice before killing someone who might cross her path.

The very members of the host club are hidding this truth, but i feel that it is correct for the general public to know the truth of the unfortunant incidents of that night.
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Why is it that nothing of interest has come to my attention. Someone in this world must have a story they wish to have told, now come along. I promise I shall do my utmost to write your heroic or tragic tale.
since apparently ratings and readings of my editorials have hit rock bottom and I can't possibly have that

[[ooc: I do need some leads on's been a while since she's written anything and it's sad that she hasn't bashed anyone or caused chaos. ]]
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Excuse my disappearance to any around who expected my reports; you see a series of rather peculiar side effects overcame me. [hackable only to those good at it] Whoever hexed me and turned me into a cat will be reported upon as soon as I find them and the same thing goes for whoever cursed me into being unable to change back from a beetle.

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And in this world we find people switch to animals, heads in boxes try to posses small children, and little slips of paper make a wand pointless.  potentially deadly weapons with magic abilities. Lovely.

I see that there will be a lot of need for a good reporter about, and a need for assistance to the brilliant writer. Now who would like to help me find details for the general public? If there are any volunteers or people who have a story to report and would like to be interviewed please step forward.
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This is Rita Skeeter, Reporter for the Daily Prophet. I suppose we are all stranded in this world, I've attempted apperating and it has only succeeded in moveing me a block further down the street.   If anyone has any information about this place report to me at once and we shall see what we can do.

And if anyone knows where that lovely little Granger girl tell me, as I'd simply love to see her.